Barak Obama American New President

November 5th, 2008.
Dear Diary,

Today is the most remarkable day for American people and for whole the world exactly. For the first time, Americans have their own African American President. Barak Husein Obama has made a new history for Americans. He won more than 60% of total voters in Electoral College. This board has their duty to choose the next President of America officially. Although the result has been known since November 5th, 2008, the official inauguration will have done in January 2009.

Actually, I don’t want to discuss about the election in America my Diary, I just want to tell you something funny that occur in Indonesia. Approximately, in 1970’s, Barak Obama, His mother, and his step father have ever leaved in Indonesia for 4 years. They lived at menteng, and Obama used to study at Public Elementary school in Menteng as well. When knew that Obama ever stayed in Indonesia, it is being a sensation in society. People talk a lot Obama and expect many things to him. In addition, the funnier thing is when used class mate of Obama tell about Obama when they were friend at school. I just want to know, does Obama still remember about Indonesia?

My America Study lecturer said that Obama has very challenging position in America. All his promises are heard very difficult to be brought to the reality. He said to cut taxes, give prosperity subsidy for poor people, give cheap medicines, etc. In the fact president can not make a policy just by himself, he must consult it to the congress first. Therefore, it will be a lot of negotiation in creating one policy.

Another risk is because of obama as an African American. Through out the world, there is still neo-Nazi community. It community has an extreme ideology. They dream to make a world just for Aria or white skin people. As the result, there must no black or colorful skin person. Obama is in danger. He can be killed by that extreme community anytime.

One last thing, world’s society has over expectation to the obama leadership. They expect Obama can change the American policy. So far, America is considered as the destroyer of the world, but actually, that policy not only made by the president. Congress has a big rule in making America’s policy. When the president wants to make one policy, such withdraw American forces from Iraq, it needs approval from at least 51 from 100 senators in congress. That’s why, I just congratulate Obama as the 44th president of America, but do not expect too many from him.

I also wonder that whether Obama still remember his childhood in Indonesia. However, I ever watched a program in Metro Tv which is about his childhood in Indonesia. In that program, there’s also a teleconference with Maya Soetoro, Obama’s sister. She told that Obama sometimes still use Bahasa in his life, such “Hhmm, enak sekali ya” or “ Wah tanganmu kuat sekali, Maya”. Therefore, I hope Obama can change America with Indonesian value such as Pancasila, Bhineka Tunggal Ika. (by Tartisa Sulistiani)

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