BBM Price Declining by RI government

November 6th, 2008.
Dear Diary,

Today our national government decided to decrease the price of subsidized fuel (BBM). This is the first time in President Susilo Bambang Yudono’s leadership decreasing the price of BBM. The decline of BBM is just only 500 rupiahs. So the change is from 6000 rupiahs, will decline to 5500 rupiahs. The new price will be applied exactly in December 2008.

The increasing of fuel prices started in 2004. Government argues that it was needed to fulfill the balance which is called Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara (APBN). Our government started to avoid the dependence from foreign loan. Therefore, government increases the prices for patching our balance.

In December, for the first time, government decides to decrease the price of subsidized fuel which is called premium.

In my opinion, this policy will not touch the people who need it most. Kerosene and Diesel fuel are needed by the poor people most. Nowadays, the price of them are so high, many people can not afford to buy them. Alternatively, instead of using kerosene, people prefer to firewood. Ironically, the policy brings us to ancient life.

For the diesel fuel, generally, it fuel is used by fisherman. They use it as the fuel of the boot engine. Due to the high price of diesel fuel, most fishermen can not sail net fish at the sea. The consideration that is the use of diesel fuel is not balance with their incomes from netting fish. Therefore, they decide to less the frequency of sailing, and preserve the fish in some ways such salting.

Public also see this policy just a tactic of government in next national election in 2009. They apply this popular policy which is asked by the public. Government responses the voice once the public says about the decreasing of fuel prices.

Ah I’m sick of this thing. Our government has not had some awareness about its people. The essence of democratic country is the administration from, for, and run by people. In the fact, most people said that our government is taking side more to upper class society, so that ignore the lower class. Hopefully, there’s will a better government which care with the people.


Ika : the topic u concern about is really great since it is a very heavy topic. You can see one case from different aspects. Also, I agree with you that the government doesn’t have any awareness about its people especially lower class society. I see here that you really care and give more attention to the economic condition in this country, since not every people wants to pay attention more in this issue. I also hope there will be someone who can lead us better than before. I think the aspect we should concern about is not only about fuel prices, but also the mechanism of economic system in Indonesia. This is a complex issue which is considered as one of the matter that should been solved not only by the government, but also we as its people should help our government to make fuel itself efficiently. ^_^

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