Down to the sky where there’s no fear
In struggle against our tear
Memory which will always stay in our mind
An eternity like a cloud arount the wind
Sing with a Goddess due to the sincer kind.

Peter out I walk on the earth in modesty of mine
Rush with the sun in his shine
Another jerk in a same body
Searching the core through out our life inrainy
Empty hope when there’s no expectation either
Thinking is the art to be a philosopher
Yacht on the ocean sail the current for the meaning of beauty
Origin of the world is a work of the great creater

My angel comes to me in the stormy day
Understand me with all of her love tenderly
Holy hand touches the heaven with her blue ray
Air blows her hair at the dusk smoothly
Run with you just make me can stop falling in love
Asking to myself why I must to be here
Mind of mind says that you will be always my dear.

PS : “sometimes we don’t know who we are, where do we come from, and what have we written. But something that we know that we have mind and sense”.

Dimas made a very beautiful writing about hopes and wishes of the future; I’m not really one to say what this means, or what he migth want to tell the readers with his writing, but this is a very beatiful piece of art. I love how he implying all those hopes and imaginations and woved them all into words. This sounds like a song lyric to me and I am certain it will make a heavenly song indeed.