Finding New Home

Perhaps you are a person who is getting bored with your society and country. Actually, this condition is often occurring among Indonesian people. The messiness, untidiness, and the hypocrisy bring people to the peak where they want to leave this country as soon as possible. However, to migrate to another country or continent, you must learn the language and custom first, except if you decide to move to mars or moon. Furthermore, learning the language is not enough at all. Sometimes some misunderstandings occur while communicating with the locals who have extremely different cultural background with us. One of the trick is by mastering the body language, and seeing any similarities and differencies between them. Therefore, let’s take two countries which come from different continent to review. On this essay, I’ll choose Russia which is located at Europ, and Egypt in Africa. Although they absolutely have different location, we’ll see whether both people still have some similarities in their body languages or not including the spatial concept, gender relationship, and dinning ethic which will be our consideration to deciding new home.

In spatial concept, both Russian and Egyptian have the same principle. They usually stand close enough to each other when they are talking. Staring to the eyes of the person we are talking to is considered as the sign of paying attention. For instance, Egyptian guys who have recognized each other usually hug and kiss on the cheeks when they meet. Similar in Russia where the people are very demonstrative, they also stand closely and touch each other, even in public places . In addition, shaking hand is also common in both countries.

However, in Indonesia we have a little bit different. When meeting our friends in public area, usually we just shake hands without any copious touching. There is no hugging or kissing even to our friends of the same sex. Our society tends to consider it as a sign of a homo sexual behavior. We believe shaking hand is more than enough to show our respect to the others. Therefore, if you are a homophobia person, it is not recommended to migrate to Egypt or Russia because you will always feel uncomfortable when somebody hug or kiss you in public area.

The other comparison is about the gender relationship. In Egypt, the relationship especially between the opposite sexes is ruled by the law of Islam. For instance, it is not polite for man and woman who are not relatives to chat or touch each other in public. Furthermore, they are also not allowed to make eye contact because it is considered rude. Not unlike Russian, they also have quite rigid relationship between the opposite sexes. Russia is strong with the orthodox culture; subsequently, the interaction between man and woman is not too close. This behavior is also strengthens by the communist historical background that force their people down with strict regulations, including gender relations. Although the degree of equality between genders in Russia is equal, showing affection to the opposite sex is forbidden.

Additionally, we can see similar behavior in Indonesia although it is not as rigid as in those countries. We are still allowed to interact with the opposite sex in public as long it is not too excessive such as kissing each other. Having a chat or shaking hand is still considered as acceptable manner in our society. Consequently, those countries are not recommended for boys who cannot live far away from girls and vice versa.

In dinning occasion, both Egyptian and Russian are great hosts. They serve their guest like a king. For instance, when having dinner in Egyptian’s home, never reject all food that is offered by the host, or it can be considered rude According to the lesson of Islam. Moreover in Russia, they serve their guest till they get satisfied. There is one unwritten rule in Russia for a guest to not have another appointment after having dinner with a Russian host. Usually dinner does not end with a meal; Russian host will offer their guest to drink vodka or other alcoholic beverages. While drinking, Russians will invite their guest to have a long chat all through the night. Therefore, never expect to come home early when you are invited to have dinner in a Russian house.

On the contrary, we have quite a different custom here. When there are guest coming to our residence to have a dinner, usually we offer them to have the second meal after finish. In fact, it is only more likely to fulfill the courtesy matter. Moreover, it is also unusual to us for having a chat all night after dinner. The customary manor is to have some conversation while having dinner. After dinner ends, the same thing goes to the conversation, and it commonly happens before 9 PM because in Indonesia it is impolite to stay at people’s home till late at night. Therefore, those who don’t like to drain their supplies when an Egyptian come to the house, or to sleep after midnight when visiting Russian’s, migrate to both countries are not recommended.

To sum it up, finding a new home is not such an easy thing to do. We must be familiar with the cultural background and custom of the targeted country. As a foreigner, absolutely, we need to follow the host’s custom. Another consideration is that it’s quite important to choose a targeted country which has more similarities with our home country, so it won’t be difficult to adopt the new condition. As it is really essential to assimilate ourselves to the new society, train yourself to love the new culture although your home country might always be the best home for you.

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