Freedom in Speaking,could we?

At first, I am just curious who Prita Mulyasari is. Her name often stated in every news program in TV and radio station. She is always related with a sensational case that evolves the Onmi International Hospital, Tangerang district. After I heard most of my friends discuss it, finally I understand what’s going on.

The case began when Prita, a mother of 2 children, send a message via e-mail to her community (mailing list) about the Omni International Hospital bad service. She told about her bad experience with the face lab report and doctors service manipulation. On the beginning, Prita went to Onmi International Hospital to consul her symptom like high fever and headache. From earlier lab report, she was told that her thrombosis rate is about 27000. Therefore, she was decided suffering a dengue fever. Furthermore, she got some treatment like infusion and injection which were not told what the function is with the doctors. Her disease became worse and suddenly doctor told that there was a revision about lab report. Her thrombosis rate was not 27000, but approximately 181000. It means she was not dengue fever, but perhaps the other one. However, doctor still assured her that she got air virus, and had to stay at hospital for days later.

After sign out from Omni International hospital, Prita went to another hospital that told her about her real disease. In second hospital, doctor diagnose that she didn’t get any dengue fever. The disease was different and didn’t need stayed treatment. From this reason, prita felt cheated by the Omni International Hospital and wrote a reader mail to and some mailing list community.

Onmi International Hospital didn’t accept this reader mail as a criticism, but they took it as a humiliation. They decide to prosecute Prita who has polluted the name of Omni International Hospital. At the result, Prita has done his temporarily detention at women prison for 3 weeks, and now she must attend her court section.

In my opinion, the summation which prosecutes to Prita Mulyasari is the sign of tyranny by the stronger. Prita is just a customer who want to speak up his complain about International Hospital’s bad service. In the contrary, Prita doesn’t have any response, except the unfair punishment.

Nowadays, we are in reformation era which government secures the freedom of speaking for the people. We can say everything as long the criticism is polite and to the point. What Prita said is the truth base on her experience, so Omni International Hospital should be wise in responding this criticism. Please release Mrs. Prita Mulyasari, and it will be the victory sign of freedom in speaking.


I’ve been watched the news many times and in many TV stations,too. I’m really disappointed to Omni International Hospital and off course to our police or
government. Why should they make a little problem into a big problem like this?! Why should Mrs. Prita get a punishment based on ‘UU ITE’?! I think it
isn’t her fault. It was her right to say what was in her mind, and like you said in your writing, she wrote her complain based on the truth. So, I agree
with you, Dim, that Mrs. Prita should be or must be released soon..!!
{Nyi Ajeng Amaliasari}

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