Having a Website in only several minutes

According to the site register.net, since January 2009, the number of on-line website all around the world has reached more than 185 million domains. Moreover, some surveys said that the number of website will increase about 3 million domains each month. It means the necessity toward website is very important nowadays. Commonly people assume creating a website seems so difficult. They prefer to hire a professional to make their website. The cost for hiring a pro is not cheap, especially to those who want to build a small business. With Content Management System (CMS) Drupal, web programming software that can build a site automatically, everyone can build their own website more easily. However, if we have the knowledge, the process should only take several minutes by following these five quick steps, which are started with downloading, uploading, configuring, installing, and ended by posting.

First of all, we have to download the cams drupal software installer from the original site. Immediately, type the URL address http://www.drupal.org/project/drupal on the web browser such Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer. There are several types of drupal which are version 4X, 5X, 6X, and the latest is 7X. I recommend you to choose the 6X because it is currently the most compatible for many purposes. However, although the 7X is the latest one, it is not already completely tested, and still needs a lot of improvement from the creator. Furthermore, just click the download link, and save it into the local computer hard disk.

After downloading the Drupal version 6X, the next step is to upload the software installer to the web space hosting. For this face, we can use two methods which are by using file manager or FTP client program. The file manager can be accessed in our site’s control panel through the browser program. Simply go to address http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel for logging in to control panel, and start uploading with file manager tool. In the other hand, it is quite different for whom that using FTP client program such flash FXP. To get the program, just simple download it in URL address http://www.flashfxp.com/download.php. Moreover, install the program, type our website’s address, user name, and password, and we can use it for uploading the software files without login to the control panel.

The third face is configuring the database to connect it with mysql server. Database is another important element in CMS drupal. This is the part where all data included the contents are saved. Moreover, the system configuration also located in database, so without this one, our website won’t work at all.

Before configuring, we have to create the database first. Let’s start with log in to website control panel. Click the link which is titled mysql, and fill to create new database form. Anyway, please write down the configuration on your note because it will be used when configuring the database. After finish, click the create button and log out from control panel.

To configure the database, simply visit our website address which has been uploaded perfectly. After the loading process, browser will shows the configuration form. Fill all fields with the configuration that we used when creating the database. Those fields included user name, database name, password, and host name. After that, click next button, and Drupal will connect our website to the database.

After the configuration process, our website has been ready to install all the modules and additional themes. Modules are an element in drupal that support the work ability. By installing certain modules, we can improve and add some ability that makes our website more powerful. Included with the software installer, drupal provides some optional modules inside. One of the most useful modules is forum. With forum modules, we can build a discussion forum to interact with our visitors. Moreover, to activate the certain modules, just click the administer link, and at the site building menu, choose modules link.

The other important element in drupal is themes. The function of themes is to adjust our website appearance. It decides the lay out, background color, link style, and so on. As the default, drupal has provided some themes to choose. Determine the most suitable themes with your purpose weather the formal or the casual one.

Finally, posting the content that is suitable with our concept. Like a book or a particular writing, a website has to be associated with certain theme or concept. For instance, if we want to have a literature site, all the content should consist of literature materials such as short stories, poems, review, writing tips, etc. Furthermore, try to match the content to the name of your domain. It’s objective to build an image for our website. For instance, the website with domain http://www.games.com will give an expectation to visitors who are finding some game software. Game download, review, cheat key, and latest info are all contents that should be in the website.

To summarize this essay, building our own website by CMS Drupal is not a difficult work anymore, and it can be done just in a few simple steps. Downloading, uploading, configuring, installing, and posting are the five keywords that we have to do. Furthermore, there is one other important key, diligence. Only a person who learn and work diligently will get the success. Similar to this matter, all the five simple steps will be very intricate without the word diligence. Therefore, all we have to do is learn and learn because there’s nothing impossible if we want to work hard. Good luck guys

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