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Dear Diary,

There is something odd in my mind when I’m watching television. I don’t know, weather it is such a new genre of movie or something else.

In one of private channels, I don’t know what I have to call it. Sinetron, which is very famous in Indonesia, or Indian Movie. This movie uses dabber instead of the real actor and actress, similar with Indian movie. In the other hand, story which is shown at that movie come from Indonesian folklore or legend. The players also use Indonesian name. Furthermore, the name often picks from some names at Indonesian Legend such Sangkuriang, Sawung Galing, gajah mungkur, etc.

One more that make me curious am about the way of movie is presented. The plot mostly tell about the legend or folklore, but sometime there is also any inserted like Indian movie such Singing and dancing. As we know, Indian movie has a lot of singing and dancing. When they are feeling something, such sadness or happiness, they always express that emotion with those things. In addition, the setting of the movie is also peculiar. In the fact, they perform an old setting like in kingdom ages, but what we see is totally different. All actors and actress at that movie just wear ordinary costume like we wear in daily like. They wear coat, t-shirt, shirt, trousers, and so on. In our view, they should wear like king or queen costume or at least a proper costume according to the background.

I have discussed it with some of my friends; they agree that that kind of movie is strange. In other hand, we must appreciate with someone’s creativity. This genre is not a new genre in art. It just combines many elements and make it in one package, even the result is absolutely bad.

I agree with you. That movie is unusual, and I don’t like the movie either (Alvi S.)

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