Indonesian New General Election System

Dear diary,

In a few weeks later, our country will face the national election for legislative members. It is the regular democracy event that be hold each 5 years. Actually, since 2004, we have new rule and system in national election. Unlike before that we just choose the party’s logo, but today the system is more complicated.

The election itself is divided in few steps. The first step, we must elect for the national legislative members and regional representatives. The way is by giving the check sign to the name of representative and the symbol of the party. This rule is aimed to make an image that Indonesia has smart voters who vote the right choice. Many observers said that if we just choose the symbol of the party, it would be similar to new Era regime which was an election just to legitimate the authority. Voters should be smart in choosing their representative. Recognize the most suitable representative, and create a check sign on his/her name to proof the responsibility of voters’ choice. Moreover, at the second step, we have to choose our candidate of president and vice president directly. Unlike the general election before 2004, the president and vice president election was executed by general assembly. Since 2004, the election process has been done directly by people and organized by an independent commission which is called KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum).

Actually, this year is my first chance to join in the general election. I will use my right as good as possible. My principle before choosing one of the candidates is I don’t want to be a main stream which only chase for an authority. People’s interest must be put over the other interest. The wealth of farmers, fishermen, labors, and small traders is what next government must concern of. Finally, I hope my choice will bring the betterment of Indonesia’s future.


i agree with you,our election system becomes more complicated. we have to choose one in a million,even we sometimes don’t know well the person.haha..
Anyway,i also hope that indonesia will get her betterment in the hands of better men.^^
{Rina Kurniawati}

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