Infotainment, is it important?

In every TV station that we have, there are a lot of TV programs that share information about celebrity and called infotainment. We can mention insert, was-was, hotspot, cek and recek, and so on. Although there are many opposing about the program either, people still watch it even become more popular. In this essay, I analyze some reason why people especially women kind love infotainment very much, and the reasons are lovable, easy to follow, and needed by celebrities.

Lovable, yes, infotainment program is very lovable especially among the women kind. Basically, a woman usually shares any news to the other woman. They talk about his family, neighbor, or public figures. The topics are such useless things and only do by jobless people. In my opinion, why women become easy to gossiping is because of the discrimination in social opportunity. Before the women emancipation, there is an assumption that women are not able to do anything except housekeeping. In the fact, they can do any job that men do if they are given the equal opportunity by society. So women will focus on their career, there is no time to gossiping.

Furthermore, all news in infotainment is easy to follow. They don’t need any comprehensive understanding to digest the problem. We just provided with common topics about celebrities adultery, one are in relationship with the other, divorced family, etc. The viewers can guess what the topic on, and comment on it with the other. They suppose to be the celebrity and feel what they do. It’s just unimportant matter, isn’t it?

The last reason why infotainment becomes so popular is because the program is needed also by the celebrities. How can? Yes, one factor that makes a celebrity popular is about his/her phenomenal scandal in infotainment. When a celebrity just an ordinary person who don’t do any mistakes, he/she will not make any news to infotainment. In contrast, viewers will see and follow the news of a celebrity who having divorcement for instance. Sometimes it’s a bad thing for society, it is lovable and viewers like it. Therefore, there is a mutual relationship between them.

To summarize, I believe the infotainment programs will still exist for long term. As long society/viewers love the gossiping matter, TV producer will spoil the viewers with what they want.


I think that men also like that program.
I myself like that program and news program in the morning. I feel something wrong if i don’t know any news(serious/infotainment news) in the morning.
Well,infotainment program seems like to balance news program which is serious.
{Tartisa Sulistiani}

1 komentar untuk “Infotainment, is it important?”

  1. Tyaseta Rabita Nugraeni Sardjono

    Tidak penting,
    isinya sampah semua,
    isinya mengorek-ngorek kesalahan orang, menjatuhkan orang,

    tidak ada yang bisa ditiru disitu/kurang mendidik!

    malah mengajarkan penonton untuk berbicara di belakang yang ironinya ditambahin lagi jadi gosip kuadrat,
    malah mengajarkan tren kawin cerai, loh kawin untuk nafsu sesaat…
    makanya kalau ditanya tentang artis ya aku kurang tau, males abisan. hehe…

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