Is Antasari Azhar a Victim of Love?

Between the cases of the mess of National Legislative election last April, there was a big case which could cover that issue. The case was evolved the name of leader of KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) Antasari Azhar. KPK is an institution which is built by government to fight against the corruption and nepotism. The case itself is quite wired if we look at the name of important person like Antasari Azhar as the leader of KPK. From mass media, they told that the case is about a scheme killing of Nazarudin Zulkarnaen (the leader of PT Rajawali Banjaran) due to the Triangle love with Rani Julian (a caddie girl).

The case is started from both Antasari Azhar and Nazarudin Zulkarnein was joined together in same golf club. One upon of time, Antasari Azhar felt in love with Rani who was already Nazarudin’s third secret wife. In some opportunities, there are some photographs that show Antasari Azhar and Rani Juan were walking together. Furthermore, Nazarudin Zulkarnaen blackmails Antasari Azhar by threatening to publish his photographs with Rani Julian. At the result, Antasari Azhar and some people cons pirated to kill him by asking several paid killer.

In my opinion, the case can not as simple as the one that media has blown up. It must be bigger conspiracy behind the reason Triangle love. The reason also is too fool that an important person like Antasari Azhar sacrifices his position to a common caddie girl. IN other hand, the capability of KPK will be questioned by society. If the leader of KPK can do any foolish scandal like that, it means KPK not as clean as we thought so far.

Personally, I feel pity to the Antasari Azhar. He has made a lot of achievement include disclose the bribe case in judiciary of Indonesia. I hope Antasari Azhar will be released as soon as possible, so he can arrest more and more corruptors.


Hmmm…I think it is agood writing. You wrote a current issue that become a controversial in our country. I think that case seems like a conspiration. Btw, good job lad…you give us a lot of information from your writing =p
{Awan Sandi Pungkas}

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