Laskar Pelangi Movie Review

Movie Review
Title : Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Army)

“Let’s dancing and laughing together although our world is not as beautiful as a heaven”. That is a quotation from soundtrack lyric of Laskar Pelangi movie witch is presented by Nidjie Band, An Indonesian youngster band. The name Nidjie is derived from Japanese word witch has same meaning with Rainbow.

The movie is adapted from a novel which is written by a new Author in Indonesian literature world, Andrea Hirata. The story is about real experiences of Andrea Hirata who uses name “Ikal” in his book. He told his story about study in remote elementary school which is called Sekolah Muhammadiyah in Bangka Balitong. In this school, there were only 10 students. All of these students were called “laskar Pelangi” by their lovely teacher, Ibu Muslimah. She gave this name, inspirited from the situation while they are watching some rainbow at the sky. During the study, they have a lot of nice experience that can be inspiring for people who read the book.

The film which is directed by Riri Riza got a remarkable appreciation from Indonesian Watcher. People in great number watch the movie in cinemas. They said that this movie is very inspiring their life. It teaches them how to appreciate and thank god for the education. “We must be ashamed to our self due to spending our precious time not in good order” said one of the watchers.

People, who have watched this movie, will never be regret. They can laugh together, thinking, and crying when realize what’s wrong with their selves. As a writer, I highly suggest you to watch this movie. Take the moral values, and make yourself better than before.

So many people have a very good appreciation to this movie. I myself agree with the other people even I haven’ read the book and watched the movie before, but from some friends of mine that retell the story, I am directly interested in the story of this movie. From my friends’ story, I found a lot of moral value in it. That is very awesome. I think the story of this movie is different from the other and that’s cool. And you yourself, what do you think?

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