Manohara, the victim of Materialism

In recent days, wherever the television station, we always provided with news about Manohara. The name of Manohara becomes very popular because of her case with Tengku Fakhri who is a Prince from Klantan Kingdom, Malaysia. Tengku Fakhri who is actually her official husband, accused for kidnapping and rapping Manohara. This story was made up by Indonesian mass media while the bad relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia since long time ago.

Actually, who is Manohara exactly? According to some resources, Manohara is a daughter from her mother which is a Bugis Aristocrat and her father a Frenchman. She inherits her beauty from both combinations. Born in 1992, she has become a photo model in her very young age. When she was 15 year old, she met Tengku Fakhri, and one year later got married with him.

In Malaysia, she got bad treatment from her husband. She also always is forced to perform good manor in every official events although at behind she feels unhappy. In early 2009, Manohara can escape from his husband and back to Indonesia. She told everything about her household to her mother. Her mother decided to keep Manohara at home and get away from Tengku Fakhri. In contrary, at Manohara 17th birthday, Tengku Fakhri gave her a new sedan car and it changes Manohara and her mother’s mind. They accept Tengku Fakhri offer for going umroh with both families. By doing some trick, Tengku Fakhri can kidnap Manohara and left her family at Saudi Arabia.

In my opinion, apart from all bad treatment that Manohara Got, all problems are sourced from the factor of materialism. As we know, Manohara still 16 years old when she got married with Tengku Fakhri. Her mother reason to accept Tengku Fakhri’s offer is because of his good manor and so on. In the fact, it’s only for the fortune that he has as a Prince of Klantan Kingdom. Furthermore, Manohara also said that she was rapped by Tengku Fakhri before getting married officially. Honestly, I’m smiling when hear that story from some news programs. It’s similar to many sinetron’s stories that a girl trapped a guy by inviting him to bed in order to make him responsible with what he has done. Yeah, and finally, all things back to the materialism factors. I don’t blame Manohara and her mother as materialistic people, but this is just a common case which is happen in modern era. A person will do everything for such of money.


to be honest,,,I’m not really into this topic,, first time,,ya it’s okay but after all media talked about it,,,it become annoying,,, and the fact that her mother haven’t report doctor visum because she’s too busy with the media stuff is really ridiculous.
{Petra Patria Diah Paramitha}

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