My Magic Computer

In this article, I just want to tell you how I can use the computer. Perhaps for ordinary people, computer is just a simple thing to be operated, but for me, it is something difficult from sight of them. Commonly, people just need to see the screen, and follow all instructions which are displayed. They use mouse to click here and there, and then when typing a text, they can see the signs on the keyboard. In contrast, it is very different for me as extraordinary person: D. Actually, I have visual impairment, and I’ll tell you how I can operate an ordinary computer.

As person who has visual impairment problem, I can not rely on my visual ability. Alternatively, I train and use my sense or hearing. If ordinary people use visual ability when operating a computer, I use my sense or hearing when operating the same device.

First thing that have to be included in my computer is software which is called Screen-reader. This software basically will change the visual signs to the hearing mode. By this software, all instruction that is known just can be accessed by visual method; will be available with hearing method. For example when I press the A Letter button on the keyboard, immediately the screen-reader will say A as well.

The screen-reader software can also to read a text from word processor program, such as Microsoft word and WordPad. By using the navigation arrow keys, I can read a text each letter, word, sentence, and whole the text in one time. For example when I press the up- arrow, it will read the line above the pointer. In addition, if I press the combination keys both of control button and right-arrow, it will read the word next to pointer.

These screen-reader programs usually use English pronouncement on its voice. When reading a text, it will read the text with English pronouncing no matter weather the text in English language or not. In instance, when I want to read an Indonesian text, the screen-reader will read the Indonesian text in English pronouncing, so the text will be heard quite funny.

The recent work that I can do with the support screen-reader program, I can build a website on the internet by myself. Screen-reader can also be used on the internet. On that media, I can search much information, so I can learn web programming lesson either. The coding process can be done in a text program like such notepad, so the screen-reader can work perfectly here. The codes and formulas just need to be typed on there, and compile the web code in to web page format. For last step, the web pages have to be uploaded to the server, so netters can visit my website every time. For example is The website is created without interfere of ordinary people.

So far, I’m sure that my magic computer which is completed with screen-reader is very useful. I can do many things on it. Furthermore, I will explore all potential in my computer, and do more things great.

Etik : This article is good. Dimas already explained his point of view of using his own computer which has already added with screen-reader for his extraordinary. I think Dimas’ computer is an interesting computer. I like how he tells the readers about his computer. He tells it very clearly.

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