Ponary The Little Shaman

Dear diary,

I believe, you’ve known everything, but I just want to share something to you. In my country, since the beginning of this year, people talking about Ponari. Who is ponari? Ponari is a 9-year-old child who is living in Jombang, East Java. He becomes so famous because of a mysterious stone that he found accidentally. There are many version of discovering this stone by locals. One of the famous stories is that stone was discovered by Ponari after he was struck by lightning. The stone was identified as meteorite, and the astonishing fact that this stuff can heal many diseases.

Till this second, researchers still not able to explain the cause of this stone could be very efficacious. There is no scientific research can proof the material that this stone has healing power.

In practice, Ponari dips the stone into a container of water. Just it and people believe the water is changed to magic water. They use the water for drinking or rinsing their body.

Actually, I don’t want to discuss whether the stone is really efficacious or not, but the phenomenon behind it. We can see that Indonesian’s education level is not good enough already. They still believe in illogic matter like this. For instance when local government insists to close Ponari’s medicinal treatment, people are willing to take the remaining water from the ditch of his house. It’s such a silly thing that Indonesian still believes. Another aspect is the economic point of view. It shows that the condition of economy is very poor, and it is also related to public health service. If the welfare of people is secured, nobody will believe in an illogical matter like Ponari case. They would come to the public hospital than believe in the unreliable one. Government must realize with this phenomenon. It is their responsibility to develop the civil society.

Your writing is very up-to-date and so many people talk about it all the time in everywhere that makes me fed up. Personally about this issue I don’t really like it because honestly I am not really sure with something that relates to mystic, hoho..
And about your last sentence I agree at all that the government needs to improve all of those 3 aspects so that people do not give their full attention with something that relates to mystic like that and try to think more modern.(Jessika K)

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  1. wkwkwkwk… Masih inget kejadian tentang Ponari beberapa tahun lalu. Xixixi. Sampai-sampai orang2 bejibun menanti Ponari mencelupkan batunya di botol2 aqua dari orang2. xixixi. Air yang setlah dicelupkan batu tersebut sering disebut Ponari Sweat. xixixixixi

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