Reflective Essay The great backslash in 1979

Caryl, Christian. “1979: The Great Backlash”. Retrieved October, 25th 2009 from
Pauker, Guy J. “Indonesia 1979: the record of three decades”. Retrieved November, 8th 2009 from

All the great things in the world must have certain reasons. The fall of Soviet Union, the capitalization in China, and the shifting power from the west to the east, don’t they have any trigger? Christian Caryl, a contributing editor of Newsweek, says in his article titled “1979: The Great Backlash” that the most important moment that effect the world condition nowadays is in 1979. This is year when Ayatollah Khomeini seized the Syah Iran to bring the Islamic Revolution, and built the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this year also Den Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher reform the economic system to be more liberal. The other happening that also brought the great effect is the pilgrim of Pope John Paul II to Poland that initiated the Central Europe countries struggle against the communism system, and at the end, demolished the Soviet Union in 1989. However, what happen in Indonesia at that very important year?

Guy J Pauker, a Senior Staff member in the Social Science Department at the Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California, writes in his article titled “Indonesia 1979: the record of three decades” that 1979 is the best year for Indonesia since the national independence at August 17th,1945. In 1979, Indonesia went to the steady economic and political condition. The late President Soeharto govern Indonesia for the third times, and with the theory which called “trilogy Pembangunan”, government tried to distribute the result of development evenly to all around Indonesia while still keep the political stability condition.

The better economic condition was also influenced from the Iran Islamic Revolution at that time. As the OPEC member, Indonesia had the certain role in increasing the oil price to 38 USD a barrel due to the hampered oil production from Iran. The increasing really effect the Indonesia national income. Government gained more money, therefore they can used it to increase the people prosperity. Also, the politization of religion in Iran influence the awakening of muslim militans who wanted to apply the same Islamic revolution in Indonesia. This movement which was really pressured in new order era, turns to the radical muslim in recent years.

Base on the stability in economic and political sector of Indonesia in 1979, it sets off the great movement called “reformasi” that resulted the down fall of late President Soeharto. The stability which was controlled by government conveys the exclusive bureaucracy hegemony that result the corruption and nepotism in government. That’s why, in 1998, the people’s power occurred as the reaction of that dilapidated system which was built systematically since 1979.

To sum it up, as the part of the world, Indonesia will always get the effect of global happening. The effect perhaps not directly influences Indonesia, it can be something that occur many years later.

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