Review: a Keystone of Apartheid

Moreover, in analyzing the issue, Johnson pretends himself to be as neutral as possible. There is no bias point of view which pro to the Whites or vise versa. He also doesn’t accuse the Whites as the cruel one. Evidences were provided; it shows everything without blame only a certain side. One thing that he wants to suggest is the change toward the education system. Both Whites and Africans must have the equal position in political, economics, and social field. No more racial and ethnical based policy, something that South Africa must have is the more democratic society.

On the other hand, Johnson give the reader very philosophical and logical arguments. He believes that reformation in education system would bring the better society. When students which are Whites and Africans attend and share the same desk, indeed, it will change the people’s paradigm. When Whites feel comfortable interact to the Africans, They will think that the Homeland for Africans is not needed anymore. They can life together, and it can be taught in school.

The other strong point in Johnson’s articles is his complete solutions at the end section. After explaining all the evidence and analysis, he gives the solution and also recommendation to solve the problem. These solutions also can be considered as the conclusion of the article. Therefore, readers will get the climax and relation for all of the ideas in the analysis.

However, this article which was written in 1982 is not longer relevant with the current condition in South Africa. The apartheid system has been already erased, and the indigenous African has taken the main control in the government. Nelson Mandela from ANC party has elected as the first African President in Republic of South Africa. In addition, this article does not give any African’s opinion about the education itself. The survey which is mentioned only come from the Whites voices. As the reader, we can not notice whether the Africans have already satisfied with the system, or want something more than the reformation of education. Johnson’s article has closed the possibility that African also need the more political power in government. Not just be a good boy, and follow all White’s policy as long they fulfill the needs.

In conclusion, this article gives us new knowledge about the education condition in South Africa during the Apartheid system. Western civilization that named themselves with egalite, fraternite, and liberte, in fact still apply the discrimination method. Moreover, this article also extends our understanding that the power of education can be so huge. It depends to the user in which the purpose to. Finally, I recommend you to read this interesting article if you want to gain some new information about Apartheid and the education system.

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