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  • Anger (a poem)

    Nobody could make me see, sleep, and sweepI stand here, face the cruel ageLay under the shattered skyWaiting for the falling stars. Make me limp in the dimmy darkNobody could rise me upIn the sadness, through out the day Someone who I want mostTo kneel here and kiss my feetI’m sure god would give his […]

  • Untitled

    When I close my eyes,I definitely can see you thereAlthough the sharpest knife slice my heart,I absolutely can feel you are here She came at the grey rayFeels my pain, with her lovely touchIn a silent of the remnant cryShe whispered, ‘nobody can hurt you anymore’ I’m like a Prince in the winter landThere are […]

  • Destiny

    Down to the sky where there’s no fearIn struggle against our tearMemory which will always stay in our mindAn eternity like a cloud arount the windSing with a Goddess due to the sincer kind. Peter out I walk on the earth in modesty of mineRush with the sun in his shineAnother jerk in a same […]

  • Forgiveness

    A star fell into your eyesNo wonder that you are absolutly my niceGive me a spirit to sail the lifeEven the sorrow like a sharpest knifeLead me to heaven, although she know who I am Only a holy hand that want to touch meFaith is yours, and I wanna see A whole of my life […]

  • The Infringement of Gricean Maxims In Nasreddin’s Stories

    IntroductionAs a human, we have two-side of roles. They are we as an individual and we as the part of a society. In order to interact to the other human in society, we use language as the tool. “Language is a way to communicate ideas comprehensibly from one person to another in such a way […]