The Definition of Love

In my opinion, the definition of love is all about commitment. The word commitment itself, can be describe as promise or agreement between two people, in this case, both of them are related as lovers. This promise must be established and carried out by together. Nobody might feel under pressured or forced by another. When one of them feels that one, the relationship should be finished.

One of the implications after the commitment has been broken is hatred. This is a common feeling when people are irritated. They see the world in narrow frame. World is so cruel, and there is nobody who is more miserable than them. Furthermore, they also hate their X much . All beautiful memories and happiness that is used to done together, dramatically change to a nightmare. From the outside, it seems to a lot of hatred, but honestly they miss the X much.

People who is suffered this”disease”, should have a friend to listen their problem. At this time, a friend is used just for a listener, not a judge. Usually, they become so egoist, so do not give any suggestion if not be requested. A listener must pretend themselves like a mute wall. Never use hearth feeling in this case, be as patient as possible.

Therefore, love is a complex thing to do as smooth as possible. However, by the willingness of each couple, love can be very wonderful. It will color each second of their life, and seem the endless one.


woow dimas..
ure arguments about love are clear enough. love is something that complex. compare with commitment, beliefs, facts, and ourselves. share together for couple
indeed the wonderful and hard to be done.
keep going on for ur love life 😉
{Annisa Dhaniar}

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  1. Hello there!
    Read your thought about love makes me feel like this is the true feeling of lovers. I do agree with your opinion that love is about commitment and it is complicated to fulfill things, each other, until it formed a good relationship that last forever. Some of them ends up with broken heart like you said. But at some point I think better if the “People who is suffered that disease” would listen more to his/her friends, because brokenhearted people think with their feeling more than their logically thought, and it will makes they felt more and more miserable. But yes, better if friends keeps listening not judging.
    Nice post though 🙂

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