The Perspective of and in Viewing the Conflict between Cops, Students, and Residents at 5 March2010

Critical Discourse Analysis Toward the news about Student Protest on Makassar 5 March 2010 in at 6 March 2010.

In this first article titled “Cops busted over violence by students in Makassar”, published the news one day after the event (6 March 2010). The article itself consists of 1 title or headline, 1 lead, and 21 body paragraphs. Below is the analysis which is divided into two parts. At the beginning, analysis will open with the representation of the text. Second, analysis will be continued with the relation and identity within the text.

Analysis of Representation within the Text.

In this first part, the analysis will be opened by the title “Cops busted over violence by students in Makassar”. By the sentence pattern, the writer put the word cop as the subject. In other words, the word Cop is positioned as the main player that has important role in this theme. This fact tells us, as the critical reader, that the writer wants to show of the cops as the main player to be discussed entire the article. Also, this title put word student as the object who also involved in this news.

Moreover, this title put word “violence” to describe the event which was going occur at this article. According to (2010), the word violence means physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing. That definition gives a very bad impact to the reader while consuming that news. It will give an image that the protest of students in Makassar at 5 March 2010 made a lot of damage and chaos by any vandalism action.

However, the strategy of passive sentence at the title also refines the purpose of writer who wants to tell reader that this violence was done by student instead of the cops. This is the very smart way to make this title not too offensive toward the student movement. The writer put the word Cops at the beginning to make them as if the creator of the violence.

In addition, the title “Cops busted over violence by students in Makassar” in fact does not tell the complete event which going occur in the news that involve cops, students, and residents. In the lead of the news, the writer add new information that can be seen on this sentence “Students resumed clashes against police and fed-up residents in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Friday, in a continuation of the violence sparked Wednesday by an attack on a student office.”. This kind of strategy obviously expose the role of cops and students in this violence, and the same time, eliminate the role of resident.

On the other hand, writer put students as the main player at the lead section by putting that word in the beginning. This way also strengthens the idea of positioning students as the main player that made the violence. The adjective feed-up before the word resident also point to students that resume the clashes. Students were blamed by the writer as the main player that causes all the violence. The word students directly put as the doer against the two objects which are residents and cops.

The first body paragraph also shows the other supporting fact that encourages students to do the violence. “The violence began Thursday, stemming from an attack Wednesday night on the Islamic Students Association’s (HMI) secretariat and the subsequent assault of HMI students at a local police station.” Moreover, on the next paragraph, the writer adds his article with other event that happens outside the case, but still has any relation. “In Jakarta, fellow HMI members similarly clashed with police during a protest in Cikini on Friday.”

Another aspect is the using of quotation. Usually, quotation is used to support writer idea with another side opinion or statement. In this article, writer does not give equal quotation. From several quotations which are contained in this article, most of them are from cops side, and none of them from the students. Also, the indirect quotation in this article only tells the opinion from the cops. “Gatta said the police had also identified the 17 students believed to have attacked the Ujungpandang Police station on Thursday, but had not called them in for questioning.”.

Lastly, the writer diction also corners the student’s side. In describing the case when student broke down several police’s cars, the writer use word vandalize that has very bad meaning. “The protest turned violent when the students vandalized a police car. Local residents soon joined the fray, hurling rocks at the students.”

Analysis of the Relation and Identity within the Text.

In this article, there are five main participants involved. They are students, cops, government, residents, and the writer itself. In delivering his writing, the writer does not give balance portion to every participant. The students, although take by the writer as the main player who made the violence, do not have any direct opinion through out the news. They are just described as the side that made the violence without any opportunity to sound their own reasons. The writer tries to give the reason by his observation only.

On the other hand, the cops were given the biggest portion by the writer by quoting some speech. “’Of the four, two have already been named suspects and two are being treated as witnesses,’ said Makassar Police chief Sr. Comr. Gatta Khaerudin.”. The writer put much statement by the cops that support their position among the conflict. In this way, the cops can put themselves in the right position without any attacking opinion from other side.

In this case, government pretend themselves as the mediator between the conflicted sides. They represent the resident’s voice through the mayor of Makassar. “Mayor Ilham also raised the point, saying, “Students and residents used to be good to each other, and the same with the police. But in the last two days,

Things changed and residents clashed with students. What happened?” Moreover, government takes the neutral side between cops and students. They do not blame any side that has the responsibility toward the clash.

From the analysis so far, can be seen that has any tendencies to support the cops. There is not comparative portion which is gained by each side. The students as the main player in the violence do not have enough part to give their arguments.

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