The Perspective of and in Viewing the Conflict between Cops, Students, and Residents at 5 March2010

Critical Discourse Analysis Toward the news about Student Protest on Makassar 5 March 2010 in at 5 March 2010.

Different with, in this second article titled “Police Head Apologizes for Student Clashes in Makassar”, published the news at the same day with the event (5 March 2010). The article itself consists of 1 title or headline, 1 lead, and 15 body paragraphs. Below is the analysis which is divided into two parts. At the beginning, analysis will open with the representation of the text. Second, analysis will be continued with the relation and identity within the text.

Analysis of the Representation within the Text.

First, the most important part to be analyzed in this article is the title “Police Head Apologizes for Student Clashes in Makassar”. In this sentence, police is put by the writer as the main player within the affirmative sentence. The word Police is considered as the subject for an action which is apologizing for any falsest toward the students. Semantically, this sentence tells us that police recognize their false that they made regarding the conflict between students, cops, and residents on 5 March. On the other hand, it also gives Andy interpretation that students are not blamed for this conflict.

Moreover, in this title also use word “clash” to describe the conflict. According to (2010), the word clash means a conflict, as between opposing or irreconcilable ideas. By this definition, it shows that the conflict occur between several sides. Each side has the portion in the conflict. There is no a side as a victim or vandalism, they fight against each other. Also, this diction result lighter pressure toward the students. The writer tries to blame the police indirectly by writing a title that police apologizes to their falls.

The writer uses a strategy by raising a side that is not involved to the conflict directly. It can be seen at the lead of news where the head quarter of Indonesia National Police making an apology. “As students continued to clash with police in Makassar on Friday after four officers were arrested the day before for attacking students, National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri delivered an apology in Jakarta for any possible wrongdoing by his staff in the South Sulawesi capital.” The phrase “four officers were arrested”, is used by the writer to expose the fact that the Chief of Indonesia National Police (Kapolri) recognized their false during the conflict. This way also gives a legitimating to writer’s idea.

However, in delivering his article, writing does not give proportional quotation. All the quotation only comes from the cop’s side.

“’If mistakes are made by my members in the field, I apologize,’ he said. ‘But for sure, there is no effort from police to pit people against our university friends from the HMI [Islamic Students Association]. There was only miscommunication.’”

There is no clarification from other side, include the students. In this article, writer put the cops as the main player who has the responsibility toward the conflict. Students were put as the object or dramatically, victim.

Moreover, there is a signal that writer tries to support the students by his word choice. Instead of use word such vandalize, writer use word damage in his following sentences. “The protest blocked major thoroughfares in the city. Two cars, including one police vehicle and some motorcycles were damaged by students and residents.” Quoted from (2010), the word damage means harm or injury to property or a person, resulting in loss of value or the impairment of usefulness. This word also has better connotation if we compare to word such vandalize.

Analysis of the Relation and Identity within the Text.

In this article, there are three participants involved: cops, writer, and students. The biggest portion is taken by the cops to state their voice and apology. Writer takes much quotation from Kapolri Jendral Bambang Hendarso Daluri and Kapolda Makassar to support writer’s idea. By this strategy, writer tries to blame the police side indirectly by using some statements from the police.

On the other hand, the students do not have any space to state their voice or give a clarification. Their voice is represented by the writer who put police as the main player, and the side who most responsible toward the conflict. Therefore, it can be seen that the writer has an independent perspective outside the government.

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