The sins of Prita Mulyasari

Most of the media and forum discussion are talking about the case between Prita Mulyasari and Omni International Hospital. As usual, there must be a group who pro with Prita and criticize Omni International Hospital with the summation, they who cons with Prita and said that she obviously mock the hospital in other hand, and also a neutral group which don’t pro or even cons. In this essay, we won’t see the reason why people pros with Prita. The solidarity among the bloggers put Prita as the victim of the stronger authority. However, we must also see the other part of this case, especially some factors why Prita should be punished with humiliation laws.

First thing why Prita deserve to be punished is about her tone in writing the reader mail. In that mail, it can be seen clearly that her tone is in anger mode. She wrote with emotion that usually will give the rouge effect in the writing result. Furthermore, her writing is so offensive even likely out of control. For example in her mail, she describes totally about the doctors and gives some comments to their activities. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if she told about the doctors and what they have done. However, her mistake is commenting with emotional expression that will make angry people who read it.

Moreover, we can see some word that seem impolite and attack the Omni International Hospital directly. For example, there is a sentence that said “Omni International Hospital adalah PEMBOHONG besar”.If we translate to English, the phrase “pembohong besar” is the big liar. That phrase whoever the person, will get angry and feel humiliated after reading it. Furthermore, Prita used the capital letter for word “PEMBOHONG”. Semantically, it will give an offensive impression to the reader. The different in using the capital form would bring different effect as well. Perhaps if Prita hadn’t use the term “pembohong besar = big liar” and also with capital letters, her punishment would be lighter than what she has right now.

The last thing that brings disaster to prita’s life is because she spread the email to a lot of people. In my opinion, it’s fine if she just shared the email with some of her friends. In the fact, she shared the email in a mailing list that has a lot of members. The mechanism in mailing list is it will spread the email to all members although the writer just sends it to one address of the mailing list. Furthermore, each member can easily spread the email by forwarding it to other recipients or even to other mailing list. Therefore, we can imagine how fast an email will distribute to around the world wide internet.

To summarize this essay, I believe prita has the sin that can make her punished. However, each person has their right to get a second chance. Let’s put Prita as a person who did a mistake, and after this case, she will be a better person. She is just an ordinary person who doesn’t have any authority. In other hand, Omni International Hospital is a big institution. It would be nice if Omni International Hospital forgive the mistake of Prita and be responsible to her complain.


I think it’s a good essay…it tells us about the case clearly.Actually,I don’t really know about the case,but from this essay I can understand the’s informative enough.nice essay dim! =)
{Nadya Nurfadhillah Delima}

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  1. Can we post the email, rather than blackmailing someone?
    And then people can judge by themselves if this is Prita who cross the border or Omni hospital is the tyranny at sin.


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