What do You Want to be when You are Old?

When we were child, there was a usual question to us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and automatically, we answered with to be a pilot, director, musician, minister, or even president. After the childhood and we become teenager, the answer changed to be more realistic such manager, translator, news-writer, and so on. However, have we ever thought about our old age?

As long as we live, especially in teenager stage, we have a lot of dreams and expectations. We want to be that and this, as if this stage would never end. Like a story that I want to share in this essay.

There were two friends, their name were Adi and Evan. They have known each other since in elementary school. Both of them were smart, and active in organization. They were same in every field, except one thing. Evan was a person who joined too many organizations and would satisfy when he became the chief. Because he joined too many organizations, he didn’t have enough time to socialize with the other members. He often did the task by himself, so there was no team work in his organization. At the university, his desire to be active became more and more. His hope is only one, to be an achieved student, that’s all.

On the contrary, Adi just joined a few organizations. However, in every organization that he participated, every member knew him and loves his behavior. He built the team work at his organization, so that every member felt the sense of belonging by each other. Furthermore, when he must leaved the organization because of school graduation, every members lost him as a friend although they still keep in touch long time after.

At the old age, Evan has reached everything that he wanted. He had ever become an achieved student, high position in his office, and a big house in prestigious area. However, he felt lonely. There were nobody who felt close to him except his wife and children. The world for him is so narrow; nobody remembers what he has done at the past time. In contrast, Adi felt happy with his wife, children, and his lovely friends. They still often made a reunion event. Their children also are a friend for the other, so the friendship would never end. Entire of his friends remember Adi’s virtue. What he has done to the other.

From that story, I realize what the meaning of our life is. Actually, it is just a simple thing that we have to do. Just become useful to the other, and we will get the reward from god.


I agree with you… I think that story is like a story inside the alchemist novel. We have to concern with everything around us,not only for one thing. You’ve given a good story as an example to get value in life. The last thing we want to get as human being is happiness. That’s the point of all. Hehe… And your writing is a kind of inspirational writing. Keep at the good work!
{Etik Wahyuningtias}

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