What Does Woman Achieve from Her Body?

Nowadays, advertisement is something important to the mostly of mass media. It supports the mass media by sponsoring them to keep in circulation. As the compensation, the company or institution that pays certain mass media to put their ads on it will get more customers who see the ads. Moreover, the advertiser also makes the ads as attractive as possible, and one of the tricks is by using woman as the model. This is a common phenomenon in our advertising world. The advertiser often uses Woman as the model even though the product is not aimed to woman kind. Some feminist consider this as the form of woman exploitation, because the company “sell” the woman’s body to market the product. However, Woman’s body exploitation could also give woman any benefits such as the freedom to express themselves, access the public area, get a better finance, and build the gender equality between man and woman.

First thing that woman gain for being advertisement model is the freedom to express her in front of public. Base on the social construction, beauty is the most important thing for woman that must be shown to people. Without the beauty, woman feels inferior among the others. In advertising world, woman can use their beauty to be the model. Advertiser usually takes the attractive and beautiful woman to catch the attention of customers. Also, the woman itself will be very proud if they have a lot of admirers owing to the beauty. It tends to be the competition among women to be as beautiful as possible. They will do everything to keep their beauty even they have to drink some medicine or do plastic surgery. No matter it is safe or not to their health, they will do it. Therefore, the beauty is considered as the most valuable treasure for them, and it will be more pleasing for woman to let everybody see and adore her prettiness in the advertisement.

Furthermore, advertiser also often uses the woman sex appeal to formulate the ads more exciting. They expose the woman’s sensuality to emphasize the message. A feminist, McCormick, say this phenomenon as the industrial sexual revolution. This is the period when the exposition of woman’s sexuality is not longer considered as taboo in public area, and also be commercialized in mass media. For instance in the ads of Neo Hormoviton, the advertiser use Sarah Azari and all of her sexiness even the product is not targeted to the women. In these ads, she really exposes her sexiness as the power to conquer the man’s passion. For that reason, advertisement also has contribution in emphasizing the woman’s power through the sexiness.

The other effect of woman’s body exploitation is the more access for woman to the public area. One of the easiness is to get the sexual resources. Cosmopolitan is one of the woman magazines that provides adult materials. Beside the picture of sexy women that are provided in the magazine, woman as the reader also can gain some information of sexual matter such as some tricks in making love, some types of kissing, some tips to conquer a gutsy guy, and so on. This phenomenon of cosmopolitan magazine shows us that today woman is allowed to talk about sex in public area which was considered very taboo. They can buy the magazine that is sold in every paper vendors. No restriction, no limitation, so thanks to media advertisement that uses a sexy woman as the ads model in some magazines like Cosmopolitan.

Moreover, media advertisement also gives woman more chance to exist in front of public. As can be seen at the television or the other mass media, most of the models are female. Their face, beauty, and sexiness appear on everywhere in public places. We can see them on advertisement at television, billboard, poster, leaflet, street banner, etc. Everyone can view their body to consume the beauty and sexiness without need to meet them before. However, they are happy to be consumed by public according to fact that many women use their beauty and sexiness to be a model or actress.

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