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Anger (a poem)

Nobody could make me see, sleep, and sweep I stand here, face the cruel age Lay under the shattered sky Waiting for the falling stars. Make me limp in the dimmy dark Nobody could rise me up In the sadness, through out the day Someone who I want most To kneel here and kiss my feet I’m sure god would give his pardon to you If only i die in other day Commentary… It just ashort poem, but has deep meaning inside. Keep the good work! (nadia Nurfadila)


A star fell into your eyes No wonder that you are absolutly my nice Give me a spirit to sail the life Even the sorrow like a sharpest knife Lead me to heaven, although she know who I am Only a holy hand that want to touch me Faith is yours, and I wanna see A whole of my life like in a paradise Here I am, let me to apoligize Twinkling of your light gives me the eternal bright Here I am, let me to apologize Even I just sit and waiting for a hardly nod Nothing that I need, beside you in my mind. Commentary… Whoa… your words in describing the thinking that you want to deliver is so good… I mean the choice of the words… He, Good work… By Yoel


Down to the sky where there’s no fear In struggle against our tear Memory which will always stay in our mind An eternity like a cloud arount the wind Sing with a Goddess due to the sincer kind. Peter out I walk on the earth in modesty of mine Rush with the sun in his shine Another jerk in a same body Searching the core through out our life inrainy Empty hope when there’s no expectation either Thinking is the art to be a philosopher Yacht on the ocean sail the current for the meaning of beauty Origin of the world is a work of the great creater My angel comes to me in the stormy day Understand me with all of her love tenderly Holy hand touches the heaven with her blue ray Air blows her hair at the dusk smoothly Run with you just make me can stop falling in love Asking to myself why I must to be here Mind of mind says that you will be always my dear. PS : “sometimes we don’t know who we are, where do we come from, and what have we written. But something that we know that we have mind and


When I close my eyes, I definitely can see you there Although the sharpest knife slice my heart, I absolutely can feel you are here She came at the grey ray Feels my pain, with her lovely touch In a silent of the remnant cry She whispered, ‘nobody can hurt you anymore’ I’m like a Prince in the winter land There are a mount of snow wherever I see But one part of my self that will never cold, Is my heart that is devoted to the perfect lee. Commentary… Hi Dimas. I don’t know that you are such a poetic person. I like the way you choose your words to express your feelings. I also like the figurative language you use such as the simile, the personification, etc. Keep up the good work, Dim! - Lissa

Biar Aku Memikirkanmu

Jari-jari lenturku masih menari dengan cepat di atas keyboard. Layar Laptop di hadapanku terlihat sangat tajam tapi tidak menyilaukan. Sinar yang dipancarkannya memantul di lensa kacamata. Mataku bergerak dari kiri ke kanan mengikuti kedipan pointer dengan cepat secepat tombol-tombol yang naik turun di keyboard. Inspirasi tentang cerita yang Aku buat mengalir deras untuk terciptanya sebuah novel. Kulihat ke pojok layar, dan ternyata baru setengahnya dari keseluruhan bukuku yang terketik. Buku ini memang belum memiliki ending. Tapi awal dan pertengahan ceritanya sudah ku konsep dalam ingatan. Aku hanya tinggal menunggu peristiwa apa kemudian yang akan terjadi pada diriku sebagai inspirasinya. Karena cerita ini belum memiliki ending, jadi belum ada pula judul di buku ini. Inilah masalah yang dihadapi penulis amatiran sepertiku. Sangat sulit membuat judul yang menarik pembaca. Setelah beberapa menit, inspirasi dalam benakku mulai menipis. Tapi itu bukan masalah. Aku hanya harus beristirah